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Scanner quality is terrible, but I'm happy with the way the picture itself turned out. My watercolor skill keeps getting slowly better :)
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Hi all! It's been awhile hasn't it? Nothing much has changed. Still going to college, though I'm currently home for the summer. Thanks to those who sent birthday wishes my way, they are much appreciated.

There are all sorts of animals at my parents house right now. Not only do we have the usual little conures (small parrots) we also have 20 chickens (including one silkie chicken of tumblr fame) a cat, a dog, and too many rabbits (at least 30 of the little buggers). If we were to add a goat to the mix we could start a petting zoo!

That's all for now. I'll try to post more often than I have. And if I'm not here, then you could probably find me more actively on tumblr as somnium-in-somnium.

Lots of good thoughts your way until next time!

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So....back in school again. Which means internets 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Which means you'll be hearing from me much more often again. Whether or not that is a god thing is totally in the eye of the beholder. All I know is that I am currently under sway of a Labyrinth fixation (you know...muppets...and David Bowie...and Jennifer Connelly...). Yeah, it's pretty bad. You don't want to know how much J/S fanfiction I've read. It's probably not healthy.

Also, I've found this:

EDIT:I swear I embedded the code for episode 1, and yet it is bound and determined to show episode 83. No, I don't know why. It baffles me to no end. also it's really annoying

Which hasn't helped matters AT ALL. I'm at episode 60 right now.
I bow down to Ashe Rhyder and Pika-la-Cynique (Also to the voice actors who decided to add to the greatness and make the audio). This is just too beautiful. *dies of crossover overload*

Soooooooo....I'm a sophomore this year. Which means preparing for upper level juries, Junior and Senior Recitals (Think of them as a Thesis paper for Vocal Performance/Music Majors),and coping with Theory. Have I ever told you how much I hate Theory? SO MANY RULES!!!!! I just want to write!

Which reminds me...I arranged a setting of Nightwishs' "Sleeping Sun" for SATB. I'm considering it finished until I can find the time to fix the piano lines and change the beginning into a Soprano solo. Other than that, I'm rather proud of my first arrangement.

So there you go. That's all for now. *Waves good-bye*
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I suppose I’m floating through a cloud of sadness, anger, shock, and denial at the moment. Life seems so fluid; it is hard to comprehend it ending in a jarring, harsh halt. All this thinking leaves a bitter aftertaste. I may as well write it all out, these thoughts swirling in chaotic tandem. Maybe then I can bear a moment’s peace.

It’s difficult to see a hard line where one life begins and another ends. We are entangled in each other. By every life we meet we further enmesh ourselves in one another- hurting and helping and loving and hating and living in close proximity. It is a bittersweet bonding; even more so when one of our number is lost.

As I write this, I grieve. One of my number was murdered this morning, and I grieve.

However, my grieving is not for my friend, who is no longer on this side of paradise, but for all the lost chances, all those times past that will never be again, all the dreams never achieved, all the life left unlived. It is selfish, but I grieve for all of us left behind. Never again will we know that special feeling that only my friend could share with us. It is so bizarre, realizing that he’s not here anymore. After all, he only just graduated high school, by estimate of today’s average lifespan he had more than enough time left.

Time is such a tricky thing, giving the illusion of infinity, always promising tomorrow, when in fact we are not all entitled to live long and prosper. There always lies a chance that we will be cut short. There is a chance we will mourn for our friends and loved ones who are taken too soon for our liking. The message “live like you were dying” seems pertinent now, seeing as the end is unforeseeable and unknowable until it takes you away.
Being who I am, and living as I have lived, I do not understand how one can feel entitled to taking another’s life. What gives you the right to knowingly and purposefully harm your family and fellow man? The mere thought is shameful. The act itself is unforgivable. I pity you who would commit such a crime, you are less than human.

I don’t think I ever told my friend how remarkable he is. That bothers me now. Did he know how awesome his smiles were? How he was infallibly good at cheering other people up? How about his unmatchable style, did he know how neat it was? Did he know that we all wholeheartedly supported his dream of acting? Did he know how much we loved him? Does he know how much we miss him?

Matt, I miss you. We miss you so much. I only wish it wasn’t necessary to say that.

Fast forward to today: The funeral. I'm not ready to bury a friend.

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Got interviewed by an FBI agent today. Basically he wanted to know about the life and times of my dear friend Ashley, who needs a certain level of security clearance within the Navy to become a linguist.

Yeah, she's just that awesome.

Signed up for my juries and piano proficiency examination today. I both dread and welcome the end of this school year.

The people who inspired my musicality are retiring at the close of this school year. After 30 years they are done. It's strange thinking of Saint Clair bands without Paul and Elaine Swofford...they always have seemed so timeless.

The following is taken from an article in the the Saint Clair Missourian, Wednesday, March 21st:
The Swoffords, now both age 52, came to St. Clair at the start of the 1982-1983 school year after meeting at and graduating from Central Methodist College in Fayette. They ended up being hired together as a pair to take over the instrumental music program in the district.

“We got married on Saturday and started teaching the following Thursday,” Elaine Swofford said. “We’ve been partners in every sense of the word since.”

Paul said he and his wife were interviewed separately for the high school and junior high school band positions. “and we got them.”

“They brought us in one at a time,” he said. “It was interesting back then. They asked us what we had in mind as far as the instrumental program. At the time, I just wanted a job. ...

“But over the years, we’ve been rewarded with everything we need, and we’re happy. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

The accomplishments of the Swoffords and the SCHS bands have been numerous during their 30-year tenure. In 29 of those years, the high school band has earned a “1” rating, the highest score possible, in the annual state concert music competition. The junior high band has earned 28 consecutive “1” ratings at the music festival.

The high school band has received more than 200 marching and jazz band trophies during that time, or an average of about seven per year. It also has been a three-time sweepstakes award winner at the Six Flags Music Festival, a two-time winner in the Pride Classic at Missouri State University and six times has been selected to perform at the Missouri Music Educator Conference at Lake of the Ozarks.

In addition, the SCHS band has won the Honor Band Award at the National Adjudicators Music Festival, was a sweepstakes winner at the Gateway Music Festival and earned top honors at the World of Fun Music Festival. Over the years, the band also has performed in Hawaii, Walt Disney World, Busch Stadium, the Kiwanis International Convention and at Powell Symphony Hall.

The junior high band is a two-time sweepstakes winner at the Six Flags Music Festival.

The Swoffords themselves have been named educators of the year by the St. Clair R-XIII district as well as by the St. Clair Area Chamber of Commerce more than once. Paul and/or Elaine also have earned several other music-related awards in the state and region.

“Their legacy of discipline and love for music and life will live in the over 3,000 students who are still a part of their extended band family,” R-XIII School District Band Boosters President Mike Drewel said. “They began in St. Clair from Ground Zero with a shell of a band program that was weak in the knees at best. I can say that because I was one of their early students from 1983 to 1990.

“In their first years, you could tell good things were about to happen. ... When assembled as a band, whether behind closed doors in the band room or at a state competition, simple things began to matter. They went out of their way to support each and every student emotionally, musically and, yes, sometimes financially in a quiet manner. This endless discipline and personal dedication has gained them the hearts of every senior who has ever graduated as part of their band family.”

I count myself as very lucky to have been one of their of their last students. I know I would not be the person I am today without them. They didn't just give me music. They gave me responsibility and confidence in my ability. They never told me that I was incapable of something. Impossible was never a word that came from their mouths. They had faith in me when I had no faith in myself. That means so much. I can never express to them how much their guidance and wisdom has meant to me. I can only type in futility, stand in awe, and pray that my endeavors in the musical field make them proud.

I'm so lucky.
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Didn't die during solo in choir concert? Check.
Survived band tour? Check.
Went home and celebrated Liam's 10th birthday? Check.
Realized that I'm turning 20 in July? Holy isht! Check...
Dragged mother to Huhot Mongolian Grill? Check!!!! (Yum)
Settled back into school routine....ummm.....
Done laundry..... No, not quite....
Practiced for lessons....somewhat???
Watched Rocky Horror Picture Show with audience participation...working on it.
Managed to have an allergy flare up/sinus cold. Check.

Black day Friday.
White Day (SAI Initiation day) Saturday.
Sing at local church and have band concert on Sunday.
Conquer Theory and aural skills for the next six weeks.

Yes. This is my life.

and now it is bed time.

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Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter about the “That’s What He Said” article in the March 7, 2012 edition of the Collegian. I enjoyed the article right up to about the sixth paragraph, after that I was just disgusted.
I have no problem with gay rights, gay marriage, or anything pertaining to the LGBT community. Some of my best friends are gay. So naturally, one would assume that Sean Faulkner’s article would please me, and it would have, had he not decided to both blatantly attack those who practice Christianity and misconstrue passages from their faith.
I am not exactly the most Christian person in the world, in fact I sway Agnostic, but comparing a story in the Bible to Shrek? Really? If that’s not offensive, where do you draw the line? If you have to attack the other side in order to get your point across, then you may want to double check your facts and main points before you publish what could be considered sensitive material.
It is articles like this that can cause sparks to fly and create more tension between the groups that both support and reject the gay rights movement. Mr. Faulkner’s article did not help the LGBT community. Not all religious people are hate filled bigots who will burn at the stake anyone who deviates from the norm. And to those who do fall into the category of bigotry I can only say this: “Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet.”
There will always be hate filled people in the world. Just because this holds true, doesn’t mean that you must be hateful right back. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? I don’t follow Christianity exclusively, but love one another sounds like a good rule of thumb to me.
Thank you for your time,
Shawna Crisler
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Found this little tidbit on youtube. I love the little bit of CMU band history that Mr. Cherry recollects for us. It's funny how history spins around us in circles and brings us to today.

As soon as I get my recording of the performance, I'll put it up for the world to hear.
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The following is a nerdgasm on multiple levels.
1. Because it's music related
2. Not only is it music related but it shows the evolution of a theme
3. It's not just any theme, IT'S THE FRIGGEN DOCTOR WHO THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have I ever told you how much I adore Floor Jansen?

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